I respectfully urge you who study the mystery,
don't pass your days and nights in vain.

- Sekito Kisen, Sandokai

Where is the Monk?

Tentative Learning and Teaching Schedule of an Itinerant Monk:


2018 Selected Events:
(Subjected to Principle of Uncertainty)

1-7: Private Retreat
15: Retailing Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence | New York City
30: Ethics as Optimization: ReThinking Technology and the Near Long Term | The Interval | Long Now Foundation, San Francisco, CA

1: Heyns Lecture at Stanford University
3: Invited Talk- Ethics, Empathy and Extended Intelligence |Association for the Advancement of AI/ Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society, New Orleans, LA

17: Retreat in Santa Barbara, CA
20: Fortune Brainstorm Health | Laguna Niguel, CA
22: The Economist Innovation Summit | Chicago, IL

Lectures in Colombia

16-17: MIT SOLVE Conference

16: Thus Have I Heard | Riga, Latvia

9: Keynote- For A Better World | ISSC 2018 | Kualalampur, Malaysia

18: Ethics, Empathy and Technology | University of North Carolina
23: ReImagining Ethics | MIT Media Lab
27: Keynote: Code of Ethics | John F. Kennedy Library (New England Archivists)
29-30: Radical Leadership | MIT Media Lab

2-4: Transformative Teachers-U | GIM, India
12: Ethical Questions for the 21st Century | In conversation with R. Seshasayee (Chairman, Induslnd Bank) and S. Ramaswamy (VC, KREA University) | Chennai, India
13: “Ethics, Empathy and Technology” - EM Lecture at IIT Madras
14: “Ethics in Governance” | Talk for Civil Services Officer Trainess at Dr. MCR HRD, Center for Good Governance | Hyderabad, India
29-30: On Ethical Leadership and Innovation | MIT Media Lab

13: Ethics, Empathy and Technology | National Chengchi University, Taiwan
14: ReImagining Ethics in Education | National Chengchi University, Taiwan
22-23: Retreat on Heart Sutra (Closed Event) | Taipei, Taiwan
26: Conversations | Myoshinji/ Hanazono| Kyoto, Japan