I respectfully urge you who study the mystery,
don't pass your days and nights in vain.

- Sekito Kisen, Sandokai

Where is the Monk?

Tentative Learning and Teaching Schedule of an Itinerant Monk:

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2017 Selected Events:
(Subjected to Principle of Uncertainty)

18-19: Responsive and Responsible Leadership in AI | Davos 2017 | Switzerland
24: Conversations on Meditation, Aesthetics, and Expression with Karole Ermitage | MIT Media Lab

1: Retreat in Colorado
26: Religion and Conflict | YPO Event (Private)
28: Ethics, Values and Emotional Wellbeing | Keynote at 11th Annual Meditation and Psychotherapy Conference | Harvard Medical School

7: ReImagining Ethics in a World of Rapid Developments | International Centre Goa | India
13: Retreat in Hyderabad, India

18-19: Cannes Lions- Festival of Creativity | France
28-July 2: Retreat in Bali, Indonesia (By Invitation Only)

3: Ethics, Technology and Society | eBay, CA

3: Ethics of AI and Human Augmentation | San Francisco, CA
9: Happiness without Delusion | Tushita, New Delhi | India
10: Enlightened Leadership | GMR, New Delhi | India
11: Transformative Leadership | SEALA, New Delhi | India
14: AI, Automation and Society | Stanford University, CA

1: Building Ethical Judicial Systems | Bogota, Colombia