I am an ordinary human being trained to seek out “extraordinary-ness” in all that may seem ordinary. Looking through the lens of my camera, awaiting the “decisive moment,” I click reality–or rather, I bring one of the many possible realities into life. My images are reflections of my world; my world is a reflection of my mind; my mind — at times still and at times chaotic — tries to understand nature in its many facets. Beauty and ugliness are part of my mind, whereas nature is a stainless revelation!

I am just a monk who by virtue of his studies has learned the art of appreciation. I find technology to be fascinating and cameras to be enchanting devices that help us pay attention, see with one-pointed mind, and be still!

In a moment of breathless awareness my camera tries to keep up with my consciousness, which registers people and events in a given moment. It creates a panorama of the world we live in–at times content and at times wishing for much happiness and peace.

A universe gains awareness as we become aware of it. A mind moistened by the compassion of the enlightened ones wishes to create a more altruistic realm of beings. This is the world through a monk’s eye.

With Palms Together,
Tenzin Priyadarshi